Summertime Seafood for Dental Implant Success

seafoodIt’s officially summertime. Everyone is ready to get outside, have some adventures, and many of us can’t wait to hit the lake and reel in some big ones. It just so happens that the results of a few recent studies concerning Omega-3’s are going to have dentists across the nation supporting the pastime of fishing more than ever, and for good reason. Today dental implants Greensboro, NC provider Dr. Hatcher and the rest of the staff at Triad Dentistry want to tell you about the amazing things fish and seafood is doing for people’s oral health.

Omega-3’s for Healthy Gums

There are lots of ways a person can take care of their teeth, or benefit them when it comes to the food. For instance, fruits and veggies are great for your teeth because of the fiber they contain. Fiber facilitates saliva production and saliva is your mouth’s natural defense against bacteria. The there’s dairy which is great for you teeth for the calcium it contains.

But what about your gums? It seems when people think about oral health, many times they overlook their gums. This is rather concerning for dentists because your gum tissue is just as paramount in the health of your mouth as your teeth are.

Your gum tissue plays a major role in the success of your dental implants as well. This is because gum tissue, aside from your jawbone, is what holds those dental implants in place.  In fact, one of the leading causes for a failed dental implants is when the recipient’s gums become unhealthy or they develop periodontitis. Periodontitis is an inflammatory disease that affects gum tissue, causing them to pull away from the dental implant.

However, this is where the good news comes in that is going to have dentists supporting anglers everywhere. Recent research is revealing that we can help keep our gums healthy by consuming plenty of omega-3 fatty acids.

Guess what food item contains TONS of omega-3’s?

That’s right, fish and seafood.

It is already a well-established fact that omega-3’s are one of nature’s most powerful anti-inflammatories. Their role in cardiovascular health has long since been acknowledged by the medical community. Recent studies are now revealing that the latest beneficiaries of omega-3’s are our gums. So why not do your dental implants and gums a favor this summer by increasing the amount of fish and seafood you consume?

Local Fish and Seafood

If hopping on a boat and procuring your own fish for dinner isn’t in your near future, don’t fret. There are actually numerous places around town that you can stop by for a fresh bite to eat. We understand that typing “best seafood in Greensboro, NC” into Google is going to produce a ton of results for you to sift through and this can be tiresome. We figured we’d save you some footwork and recommend one of our favorite places to go and get a fresh bite of fish.

1618 Seafood Grille is located right here in Greensboro, NC and boasts a large selection of fresh seafood entrees. We suggest trying their potato crusted mahi-mahi. Just make sure you call ahead to make a reservation.

Until next time readers, eat some fish and keep smiling.