Raise A Glass To Your Dental Implants

beerLast week we discussed how the Carolina Theatre’s 8th Annual Summer Film Festival would make you smile. Today dental implants Morris County, NC Dr. Hatcher and the entire staff at Steven L. Hatcher, DDS want to discuss another classic summertime item that makes many adults smile during the season; beer. However, we feel the news we have pertaining to this famous golden beverage is going to make you smile more that the actual drink itself.

Did you know that beer, in moderation, of course, can actually be good for your oral health? That means it’s also good for your dental implants as well.

Hooray, Beer!

Now, before we go completely off track here and start singing praises to the beer Gods, we have to cover our bases by saying that this post is not meant to debunk the fact that alcohol is bad for your teeth, because it still is. Sorry, guys. However, what isn’t bad for your teeth is the main ingredient in beer. Those little green balls known as hops.

Time For A little History Lesson

Now, we know that history was not everyone’s favorite subject in school but bear with us here for a moment while we give you a quick lesson on the history of beer.

The funny thing about beer is that it did not always taste the same way it does now. The distinct taste beer has today is due to the amount of hops added to the beverage in modern day brewing recipes.

Beer has not actually always contained the number of hops it does today. The real addition of hops into beer recipes started in 18th century England. During this time in history, everything was transported and exported by ship. This method of travel had the tendency to take a long time. A very long time. Sea voyages tend to do that.

As a result of this, people had to find ways to keep the edible and drinkable items they were transporting from spoiling. In beer’s case, the solution was to add more hops! Batches of beer which had a higher content of hops in their recipe survived the long sea voyages without going rotten. This led to additional hops being added to conventional beer recipes turning into a staple.

Beer Nye The Science Why?

Scientists will always be a curious bunch, and the mystery as to why hops kept beer from spoiling plagued biologists around the world for quite some time. That is, until 1937 when antiseptic properties were first witnessed in hops. Fast forward 80 some years and scientists, the persistent breed they are, have narrowed down what amazing things certain extracts in hops do for our bodies.Lupulone, for instance, is a menace to tuberculosis. Another component in hops, known as xanthohumol, kills viruses and contains anti-malarial properties.

However, dentists are scientists too, and when antimicrobial properties were seen in hops dentists decided to give hops a shot at benefitting the human mouth. What they found is that hops are not only good for your oral health, acting like a type of tasty antimicrobial mouthwash when consumed in beer, but they can also help to prevent oral problems and tooth decay in your mouth’s future!

Huzzah, dentists! Hooray, beer!

Grab A Local Pint For Your Smile

A few weeks ago we mentioned our favorite spot to get some local seafood. We figured this weekend we would do the same thing and suggest to you our favorite spot to grab a beer.

M’Coul’s Public House is a fantastic place to not only choose from a variety of craft beers to enjoy, but also get a great plate of authentic Irish food. M’Coul’s is located right here in Downtown Greensboro, NC. If you are looking for something to try first on their menu then allow us to suggest their shepherd’s pie. If you like authentic shepherd’s pie, then this is the pie for you.

Hope to see you there!

Until next time readers, cheers and keep smiling.